The Last Sunset by Bob Atkinson

Wow!  Bob Atkinson not only writes a good action story, but he provokes a reader to ponder the possibility of different realities, or even alternate universes.  The Last Sunset is reminiscent of Diana Gabaldon‘s Outlander series, insomuch that time travel and the fateful battle at Culloden play a major role in the theme.  But that is as far as it goes.

In The Last Sunset , the heroine of the story, Shawnee, an American lass with Highlander roots, is much less concerned about the history changing results of time travel  (like little interferences changing major historical events); instead, she is more concerned that she and the others who have found themselves thrown into an earlier century will not be able to prevent that infamous massacre of her people back in the mid-1700’s.

I give this book a thumbs-up, and I hope that Mr. Atkinson gifts us with a sequel.

2 thoughts on “The Last Sunset by Bob Atkinson

  1. I hope we get a sequel too!

  2. John, many thanks for your insightful and considered review. You are clearly someone who has an interest in this period of history, and I am greatly heartened that you were able to connect with my wish-fulfilled version of events.
    As you know, the failure of the ‘45 left a legacy in the Highlands which scars the area to this day.
    What if the Jacobites had won? How would this have affected subsequent events in Britain and in the wider world? These are a few of the great unanswered questions of history.
    Thank you once again for your positive and encouraging comments.

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