Magna Bloody Carta

I’ve always had a fascination for medieval Europe, especially EnglandRichard the Lionhearted and his deviant little brother John are two figures that loom larger than life in the histories.  And by association, Robin Hood and the Magna Carta come in to play when I dream of this turbulent time.

Although I like to fancy that I am an amateur expert of ‘auld’ England, I have never read or examined the document (my mistake).  The Magna Carta gives us a much better picture of the time than any Hollywood depiction.  Phyllis Radford does an excellent job of guiding us through this immortal document that has had such an impact across the globe and throughout history.  It is obvious that she has done her homework, and that she is a fellow enthusiast of the days of barons, knights, damsels, and that elusive fellow Robin Hood.