Ask the Tomato

I decided to grow a few tomato plants this year, and it’s been awhile since I’ve grown anything, so I looked for some advice on the web.  I wanted to know how often to water my tomato plants.

It seems it really doesn’t matter.  I would have been just as well off asking the tomato.  I found several sites, dedicated to gardening, with seemingly authorative advice on the issue.  However, they all differed.  The answers ranged all the way from everyday to once a week; and I don’t simply mean depending on different weather conditions.  I mean, listing the same types of conditions (mid-Summer, not much rain, deep South), the answers varied this much; and these are ‘organized and professional’ sites on gardening.  I’m not trying to ‘dis’ these people that provide this information, because I know they are just trying to be of friendly assistance.  I mean, it obviously is not as important as I thought it was.

Exasperated, I asked a small kid, while I was hiding a smile, how often to water my tomato plants.  He said I should water them when it gets hot outside.  Sounds like a good answer to me.  If a tomato could talk, I bet he would say water me every day.